write a letter: 10 points


10 points to consider when writing a fundraising letter…

1. Write a letter to the appropriate audience- know who that is before you start writing.

2. Write a letter to one person – not to “Dear Friends” or “Dear Fellow Conservatives.”

3. Write a letter – not an essay.

4. Write a letter that looks like a letter- indent, break up long paragraphs, use white space in margins.

5. Write a letter that is friendly and informal.

6. Write a letter that uses emotion not logic.

7. Write a letter asking for a specific gift … for a specific purpose…. give a specific deadline.

8. Write a letter praising repeat donors for their past support.

9. Write a letter that include a P.S.- always.

10. Write a letter remembering that it will be read: P.S. first, then the first paragraph, then  underlined, bolded, or italicized lines.