Well Appointed Guest Room


As published in Palmetto Magazine Spring/Summer 2016

They flew. They drove. They have arrived. Are you ready?

It is an honor to have guests in your home. Ensure rested friends and pleasant memories with a well-appointed guest room. Consider stocking the following amenities:

  •      Freshly laundered bedding and several pillows

A cozy bed is number one on the guest list!  Opt for white sheets, blankets and quilts. They can be washed and bleached and they look crisp and new.

  •      A place to put clothing and suitcases

Ensure there is an empty drawer and extra set of hangers waiting in your guest room closet.

  •      Towels and washcloths

Having clean towels ready for guests in their room saves them from rooting around the bathroom or having to ask you. Again, I suggest white, as they are easy to launder.

  •      Refreshments

A carafe or bottle of water and glass is a welcome addition to the nightstand.

  •      Alarm Clock

Many of us rely on cell phone alarms, but a clock on the nightstand can be helpful.

  •      Reading Material

Set out an assortment of interesting fiction and nonfiction books, as well as a local paper or pamphlet to highlight nearby activities and attractions.

  •      Fresh Flowers

Snip fresh flowers or greenery from the yard. That little bit of effort will make guests feel wanted.

Get that guest room ready; you never know when guests might be knocking at your front door!