tips on fundraising letters


Keep It Simple. Use short, understandable words in short, understandable sentences. Best to write on a 5th grade reading level.

Follow the formula. The first sentence should grab the readers attention, then move to presenting a problem, next offer up a solution- be sure to include how your reader is to play a part in that – and finally, close.

PS. Always include a PS to restate your request. Remember the PS is typically read first.

No need to explain. If the reader isn’t familiar with your cause, you’re not going to explain it enough in a 2 page letter to get a contribution.

Confused people say no. Again…keep it simple.

Personalize. Write to 1 person, not to 100. Use “I” and “you.”

Ask for money, don’t educate. Your goal is to raise funds, not to underscore a message.

Use bold and underlines they should act as a synopsis of what the letter says.

Make the reader reach for a pen. Your letter should inspire the recipient to act and react. It should give them a sense of ownership to your campaign.

Dead donors don’t give. Keep your mail lists updated.

Mail it. Don’t get bogged down on creating a perfect mailing. Time is money.

Follow-up. Always follow-up and if need be, remind them you haven’t heard from them in a while.