A Teddy Bear Picnic

“Teddy and I invite you to celebrate my birthday of two

A Teddy Bear picnic is what we will do,

be sure to bring your teddy with you!”

We celebrated our sweet Tennyson’s second birthday with a teddy bear picnic!

We started with stacked pallets and dressed them with a blue gingham tablecloth.  Simple smilax greens were placed as a table runner. Next, individually packed picnic lunches and crisp white pillow cushions were placed for each child in attendance.

Children and their teddy bears snacked on fresh berries, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and Oh Crumb’s! delicious sugar cookies. Empty honey bear containers paired wth paper straws made for perfect beverage holders.

Carolina Cake Queen made an amazing “semi naked” almond cake with amaretto buttercream icing. In keeping with the decor we added fresh cut smilax to garnish the cake.

The children especially enjoyed the teddy bear bean bag toss and listening to the reading of The Teddy Bears Picnic. Each child was sent home with their own copy of the book.