Tag, You’re it: Nametag Etiquette

Nametags can be a very helpful tool in avoiding the discomfort of not being sure exactly with whom you are speaking. This is especially true in today’s business world, where business contacts may interact multiple times daily by phone and e-mail, without ever coming into face-to-face contact.


Here are some simple nametag guidelines:

· When preparing nametags, always show the names in spoken order… that is first name, followed by last.

· Use only big, bold block letters in all caps or with upper and lower case letters. Avoid script or cursive handwriting.

· Except for specialized events honorifics and titles are not typically used.

· While mention of company or affiliation on nametags is acceptable, remember that the most important information on the nametag is the person’s name, thus the bulk of the space should be devoted to such.

· Nametags should be worn on the upper right shoulder. Here’s why:

it gives others the best and easiest view of both the tag and face.

As you extend the right hand for a handshake, your eye and arm are already being drawn to the right side of the person you are greeting.

Now you know… Emily Post would be proud.