Seasons Greetings

As published in Azalea Magazine  Fall 2017.

Dust off that address book, it will soon be time again to send holiday
greeting cards. Here are some things to think about when selecting and
mailing your holiday hellos.

Who to include. Holiday cards are a great way to reach out to friends,
neighbors, close business associates, and family. Edit your list, and
check it twice!

What to send. Holiday photo cards have become increasingly popular.
Photo or not, be certain to include a personalized holiday verse and
your family name.

When to send. Update addresses and order custom cards in early
November. Mail your cards any time after Thanksgiving. Plan to send
cards so they arrive at their destination before Christmas Day.
January 1 is considered the official final day of the holiday card

Hand write recipient addresses.  This gives your cards a personal
touch. A hand-addressed card is always more charming than a printed

Include your return address.  This ensures that your recipients have
your current address every year and they can use it to send a card
back to you if they haven’t already.

Other Things to Keep in Mind when Sending Greeting Cards:

•   It is preferable to use stamps rather than run envelopes through a
postage meter.

•   Cards should be inserted into the back of the envelope face up so
that when the recipient opens the envelope the face of the card is in
front of them.

•   Plan to have extra 10-15 cards so that when a card arrives from
friends not on your original list, you can reciprocate.

There you have it! Here’s to enjoying the holiday card process and
always putting our most gracious foot (or should I say card) forward!