san francisco treat


I was one year old when I had my first sweet. Celebrating my birthday at Shoney’s, my grandmother “Mimi” tells the story best. She fed me a bite of hot fudge cake as my family eagerly anticipated my reaction. I took a bite from the spoon and quickly went back for more.

Although my first experience with sweets was a favorable one, and despite coming from a long line of those with sweet teeth (on my mothers side). My dentist father was dedicated to my oral health, and we rarely had sweets around the house. I did not grow up eating sweets and have never really had a strong inclination for them.

Until now…

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has taken thirty years, but at last,  I found my sweet tooth… last weekend… in San Francisco. We spent the weekend sampling the most delightful confections. Chocolate croissants from Tartine, parisian macaroons from Miette, steamed caramel milk from Cowgirl Creamery , salted chocolates from Recchiuti, Bi-Rite‘s honey lavender and salted caramel ice cream (two flavors because I’m indecisive).  Divine!

For the remainder of our stay in San Francisco, you’ll likely find me sampling and partaking in all things sweet.

Let’s just call it my quest for the ultimate San Francisco treat.

PS: I just finished an appropriate read, “Paris, My Sweet,” a young woman’s chronicle of her year in the city of light (and dark chocolate). Highly recommend!