Pumpkin Carving Party

Hi again! You know I love a party! This year we celebrated our first annual pumpkin carving! On the lawn with family and friends. I’m so happy to share this fun, fall neighborhood party idea with you. Pumpkin carving can be an icky, messy chore. But do a little prep work, gather all the neighbors in your yard, throw in some warm chili and cold beers and carving becomes a great excuse for a neighborhood get together. It’s a pretty easy party to throw together.


The main thing is to have tools to make the carving go smoothly. Ask your guests to provide their own pumpkins. I like to use butcher paper to cover long folding tables, that way when the party is over I can just throw them away. Put carving tools and spoons in empty cans, provide towels for messy hands. You’ll also need sharpies for those who want to draw their own templates. This type of party doesn’t really need much decorating…maybe a few mini pumpkins on the tables, but the messy activity of carving is the main attraction here.


Ready to get the party started? Happy carving!