Pregame Jubilee: A Guide To A Winning Tailgate Strategy

As published in Palmetto Magazine  Fall/Winter 2017.

Welcome to tailgate season in the South! It’s official… football has returned and the tailgate is in play. We as Southerners know that tailgating is not just a way to kill time before kickoff- it’s as important as the game itself! Make sure your pregame celebration is
ready with this simple checklist of tailgating essentials:

·      Tent- Pop up your team colored tent to provide some shade, shield, and shelter from the sun and rain.

•       Chairs- Even the most seasoned tailgaters like a place to park every once in a while. Bring your collection of stadium chairs and be sure to bring extra for guests.

•       Coolers- Can you ever have too many coolers? One for ice, beverages, and food that needs to stay chilled (or warm). Coolers also conveniently double as extra seats!

•       Paper plates, napkins, cups, and plastic ware in school colors. Disposables make for easy cleanup.

•       Lots of Food- Tailgating is all about sharing. Plan tasty foods that will travel well.

•       Décor- A tablecloth in school colors will suffice. Or if you prefer, decorate to the hilt! A silver candelabra, pack it! An over the top flower arrangement? You bet. Keep it simple or go all out!

•       Tunes- Make an upbeat playlist. Be sure to pack a set of cordless speakers compatible with your iPhone.

•       Trash bags and wipes for quick cleanup.

Tailgating is a tried and true Southern tradition. Whether your team is winning or losing, you can always have a championship tailgate!