Pass It On: Putting Thought Into Recycling Gifts

As published in Palmetto Magazine Fall/Winter 2018 .

For years, considered a clear social no-no, regifting is shedding its
stigma. It’s a quiet truth: people do regift. According to consumer
reports 83 percent of people, consider regifting an acceptable
If you chose to regift unwanted gifts, keep in mind these simple Do’s
and Dont’s:

Do: Carefully consider the gift and recipient
A successful regift starts with thoughtfully considering your
recipient and determining if eligible items are appropriate. Make sure
that the item that you are giving away is something the recipient will
truly enjoy.

Don’t: Regift anything that has been used
You should only regift items that are brand new and still in their
original packaging. If the item does not appear new, consider donating
it rather than regifting.

Do: Remember who originally gave you the gift
Keep track of who gave you what. You don’t want to take a chance and
give something back to the original giver.

Don’t: Regift personalized items
Monogrammed or other handmade items should not be regifted.

Do: Wrap it like it is new
Presentation is everything. The wrapping and gift tag should be
freshly replaced and personalized.

If we follow the etiquette of regifting, it is a practice that doesn’t
need to be entirely avoided. It just needs to be handled with caution,
thoughtfulness, and with the best intentions towards the other person
at the top of our hearts and minds.