Paper Treasures


For more than 86 years Clay Rice and his family have shared their passion for silhouette art. His grandfather, Carew, was known worldwide as “America’s Modern Master of Silhouette Art,” and Clay carries forth the tradition creating keepsakes for new generations.

Each profile silhouette takes Clay about 1 minute and he estimates that in his 32 year career, he has cut over 900,000 paper silhouettes. Clay’s nationwide following has families flocking to have this talented artist create keepsake silhouettes and to have him sign copies of his award-winning children’s books.


A few months back we traveled to Mount Pleasant to have Harlowe’s silhouette made. Wonder Works in the Belle Hall Shopping Center hosted Clay for the afternoon, and the store was bustling with mothers and children of all ages waiting to sit for the master.

Described by author Pat Conroy as a “great talent who combines soul and passion,” we were pleased to meet Clay and honored by the opportunity to participate in such a timeless tradition.