office etiquette: keep politics out

You have surely heard the old adage that suggests that we not discuss, religion or politics, deeming the two topics unfit for polite company.

Not in my world.

Being a Christ follower and a political fundraiser by trade, I rarely find myself in situations where religion or politics are not the topic of discussion.

That being said, I can certainly appreciate that for the majority of  the population, there are appropriate forums to talk about politics, and as this Wall Street Journal article suggests, “the workplace is a tricky place to do it well,” (unless of course your profession happens to be in politics).

“This is not about stifling your beliefs. It’s about being appropriate in your profession,” Ms. Anna Post says.

Ms. Post is further referenced in the article saying that, “in and out of the office, a principle of etiquette is to treat others with consideration.” I would wholeheartedly agree! I would even venture to say that with respect and consideration, politics and religion can be topics fit for polite company.

But, Post  goes on to note that  “If you don’t need to be talking about politics, skipping it might be the most respectful thing to do.”

What are your thoughts?