Money Talks: Why Donors Give

Money Gift

Countless studies have been conducted to determine why people donate money. Consider the following…a few of these drives:

  • Philosophical affinity. People send money because they support organizations like yours.
  • Ego. People send money because you recognize them for their gifts.
  • Blessing/Duty/Patriotic. As Americans, we celebrate the notion of charity. People send money to make a difference, to achieve a worthy aim, to feel good about their gifts.
  • Junkie. People send money because you give them a chance to associate with a worthy or famous person.
  • Proximity to decision-makers. People send money because you enable them to offer their opinions. The act of sending a gift constitutes a way to speak directly to those on the front lines of an issue or cause.
  • In the Loop. People send money because you provide them with access to inside information and perhaps even educate them further.
  • Tax Benefit. Without question, the charitable tax deduction is a perk. This does not however apply to political donations.


  • People send money because you ask them to. Research confirms this as the most basic fact of donor motivation, people want to be asked!