money in the bank: why you need a fundraising plan

My post from the Fundraiser7 blog:

Running a successful fundraising operation requires detailed planning in order to succeed.  Below are a few reasons why a detailed fundraising plan is critical for each and every fundraising campaign.


A Fundraising Plan:


  • Provides Organization.  Acts as working guideline that creates order.
  • Sets Deadlines. Tells you when you need the money.
  • Provides Credibility.  Shows donors the financials that prove the effort can be a success.
  • Acts as a fundraising tool. Shows why you need the money. Shows that you are serious about the effort.
  • Defines Responsibility/ Provides Accountability.  Determines who does what. Holds them to that.
  • Measures progress. Necessary adjustments can be made before it is too late.


Begin developing your fundraising plan today.  It should include a complete list of expenses, the dollar amount that it will take meet those expenses, a plan for raising the funds to meet that dollar amount, and finally, a timeline showing when you need to raise the money, when expenses will occur, and when fundraising activities are planned.


Plan today.  It will mean more money in the bank!