Join The Club

As published in Azalea Magazine Winter 2019.

Whether an impromptu lowcountry boil or a well-executed potluck, we Southerners know that breaking bread with others is the time-honored approach to deepening old friendships and cultivating new ones.

Supper club, meeting and dining on a regular basis, is a strategic method that guarantees staying in touch with friends. There are certain ingredients that make any party a success and supper club is no exception. Lets talk tips for supper club success:

Choose Members Wisely 
Who do you want in your Supper Club? Is it a couples thing? Just for the girls? Friends you see regularly? Friends you hardly see?
Keep the list anywhere between 6 and 10, but smaller groups tend to be better – it keeps the group intimate and is easier to fit around a table.

Decide The Structure 
There are no fixed rules for supper clubs, but there is consistency on certain points. Members meet regularly and take turns hosting.
Before the first supper club takes place, choose how often you plan to meet. Find dates that work for everyone.

Show Up 
The key to a cohesive club is to remain committed and participate regularly. Part of the fun is knowing you will see this group of friends on a regular basis.

Mix it Up
Try a formal meal, drinks and appetizers, a wine tasting evening, a casual cookout, a themed meal or a picnic at the park.

Food matters to supper clubs, but consistent fellowship and lasting friendships matter most. What are you waiting for? Call up your friends and start planning supper!