What is hospitality really?



Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
– Romans 12:13, NIV

I am excited to begin this new “She Reads Truth” study on hospitality and to dig into Gods word and rediscover the true definition of biblical hospitality.

Todays text was Romans 12:9-13, Matthew 9:9-13, Matthew 19:13-14
I was immediately convicted by the following, ” When I look at Jesus, our culture’s false definition of hospitality as dinner invitations and etiquette, clean homes and casseroles, pales in light of the bold example of the most radically welcoming person who’s ever lived.
In Jesus we see that hospitality begins in the heart.”

As a southern girl, who is quite the fan of entertaining- dinner invitations, etiquette, a clean home and casseroles, I am eager to learn from this study and from the example of Jesus Christ. I pray that through it He changes the posture of my heart to look more like His.