Flight Etiquette: How to behave at 35,000 feet

6833689914_b211fa3d5bAs published in Azalea Magazine Fall 2016

Will you soon be traveling for business or pleasure? Remember to pack your best travel manners. Here is a simple code of in-flight conduct:


There are no wardrobe requirements to fly, but minimal jewelry, and shoes that you don’t have to lace, buckle or tie are both helpful with security checkpoints. And while I can certainly understand wanting to be comfortable, be mindful that you are not attending a pajama party or gym class.


You must wait your turn when boarding at the gate- only board in your zone/group/row. Have your ticket ready. Get out of the aisle as quickly as possible once luggage is stowed.


Stow your suitcase in the overhead bin closest to your seat. If you have two carry-on bags, keep the smaller one at your feet.


Middle seat passengers get the right to both armrests. Always. Those to his right would get their right armrest, and those to his left would get their left.


Airline seats recline to allow passengers to sleep and relax, but it may cause discomfort for the person behind you. If you intend to recline your seat, do it gently or better yet, turn around and make sure you don’t inconvenience the person behind you.


Do your best to minimize odors and noise. Use headphones to listen to music or movies, keep calls brief and conversations to a low volume. Avoid perfumes and foods with strong smells that may bother your neighbors.


At last! The plane touches down, the seat belt lights go off, and everyone jumps up. Rather than grab your luggage and make a run for the door, allow those in front of you to disembark first.

In general, be respectful of those around you, a little consideration can go a long way to make a flight as smooth as possible for both yourself and others.

Safe travels!