cinco de mayo

The Cinco De Mayo holiday on May 5 is a great reason to have a casual get-together and an excuse for making fresh margaritas by the gallon! Here are some easy ways to get in the mood for a simple and festive celebration.

Start by sending out great invitations. Ours were printed at home with the “Jack Fisher”  font. The custom Senior sombrero stamp was added to the top in red. The envelopes were adorned with a white doiley, tied with twine, and hand delivered.

Margaritas were served in mason jars with salted rim and lime garnish. Here’s our recipe:  6 cups tequila, 2½ cups triple sec, 2½ cups fresh lime juice, 2½ cups fresh lemon juice, 2 cups simple syrup.

Mix ingredients together and refrigerate. Pour mixture into a 16-ounce mason jars with ice. Salted rim is optional. Garnish with lime. Makes 1 gallon- 21 margaritas.

Sombreros and a moustache on a stick make for great fun… and memorable photos!

We served a variety of Mexican munchies; fresh guacamole and chips, cheese quesadillas and homemade salsa, a warm buffalo chicken dip, stuffed peppers, and a “assemble your own” taco bar. For dessert…margarita cupcakes.

How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo amigos?