party hat 101

image by jordan ferney


Happy Friday! Find a reason to celebrate this weekend. Make your own paper party hats for any occasion. Here’s how :


Hat Template








Tissue Paper



Step 1: Print  hat template on cardstock

Step 2: Cut out hat

Step 3: Place tab into slot

Step 4: Make cuts with  x-acto on each side of the hat

Step 5: Push ribbon through each hole and knot to hold

Step 6: Embellish

Fringe hat how to: measure  a two inch wide strip of tissue paper to cover the length of the hat bottom. Double up the tissue and fold it in half. Cut slits 2/3 of the way through tissue to create fringe. Wrap it around the bottom of the hat and staple with the fringe facing upwards. Take additional fringe, bunch up and tie with string, manipulate into a pompom. Put the string through the hole at the top and tape it on the inside. Attach ribbons.

Flower hat how to: Follow the directions here to make the napkin ring-sized pompoms. Poke a hole in the hat with your x-acto where you want to put the flower. Push the string through the hole and tape the string on the inside of the hat. Add ribbons.

The embellishing possibilities are endless. Be creative. Have fun!