Arranging A Buffet

wedding-barrelThere is no one way to set a buffet table, though the following tips may help in arranging the space for the best flow ensuring that your guests can maneuver the line with ease.

Begin with placement of the serving table. Ideal positioning would allow guests access to the food from both sides of the table .

Stack plates at one end of the table so that guests have access to these first.

Food comes next. Arrange it at various heights so that guests can see and reach everything with ease. Make sure each dish has a coordinating serving utensil so guests can easily dish up their food.

Finish the table with utensils and napkins. Only provide utensils that your guests will need to use. If a knife is not needed, don’t offer one.  To make the grab-and-go a breeze, wrap each set in a napkin and secure it with a piece of ribbon or twine. Condensing the utensils and napkin will make it easier for guests to carry their plates to their seats.
Plan a separate table for beverages. By situating the beverage table away from the food table, you give your guests a chance to choose their food and put the plate down before pouring a drink.

Buffets are a great way to serve food for any size gathering. Remember that the key is to make it functional and easy for your guests as they serve themselves.