anniversary gifts


In 1922 Emily Post wrote her first etiquette book in which she suggested traditional anniversary gifts for the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversaries. In 1957 Ms. Post expanded the list to include more anniversary years. The gift list has not changed very much during the past 50 years. It suggests recommended gifts for the first 15 years and for every five years after that.


My husband, Wesley, and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary today. In honor of our anniversary, I thought I would post the list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

1 Paper

2 Cotton

3 Leather

4 Linen

5 Wood

6 Iron

7 Wool

8 Bronze

9 Pottery

10 Tin

11 SteelĀ 

12 Silk

13 Lace

14 Ivory

15 Crystal

20 China

25 Silver

30 Pearls

35 Coral

40 Rubies

45 Sapphires

50 Gold

55 Emerald

60 Diamonds