sitting like a lady

More often than not, my etiquette blog posts are spurred by real life situations. This time is no different. It is a scene that you, no doubt, have also witnessed. A woman sits, not knowing that she is probably revealing a bit more than she intends to. Sitting seems basic but it is astonishing how few women grasp the concept of sitting like a lady.

WikiHow addresses the issue:

How To Sit Like A Lady

Whether you are entering a car, or sitting on a chair, there are ways that a proper lady, wearing either a dress or a skirt should do both.


  • Smooth the skirt under you, and do not sit with your legs apart. Remember you are wearing a skirt and not jeans.
  • Sit straight down on a chair, and cross your legs at the ankles or just place the legs together with the heels slightly to the rear. Move them slightly to the left of you.
  • Keep your back straight up, try not to lean against the back of the chair. If you do feel like leaning back, do not slouch on the chair, but sit erect.
  • Place your left hand just above your knee. Place your right hand on top of your left hand.

I would add that, depending on the length of your skirt, it may also be proper to sit with crossed knees. If you are wearing a skirt that is knee length or longer,  you can do so safely. If you are wearing anything shorter than knee length, crossing your legs at the knee may mean you are revealing a bit more than you intend to. Instead, cross your legs at the ankle.

Regardless of whether you are crossing your legs at the knee or the ankle, keep proper posture. It will distinguish you as a lady.