How to Accept A Compliment

Etiquette: How To Accept A Compliment

As published in Azalea Magazine  Spring 2017.

We all like to be noticed and acknowledged for our accomplishments; but many times, when thanks or recognition does come our way, we tend to fumble the receipt.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are honored with recognition:

Say thank you. When you receive a compliment, be it big or small, a simple “Thank you” is the most modest and graceful way to acknowledge the praise. If you have difficulty accepting compliments, it is okay to stop right there.

Express appreciation.  If a compliment is particularly heartwarming or special to you, perhaps follow up your “Thank you” with “I appreciate your kind words.” It is perfectly acceptable to tell the giver what the compliment means to you, how it makes you feel, or why you value it.

Be modest. We should never brag following a compliment. Even in jest, this type response can come across as conceited.

Never contradict. Avoid phrases like, “Oh, it’s no big deal,” or “Thanks, but it was nothing.” When you downplay, deflect, or deny a compliment you are devaluing the person who gave you the praise.

Recognize others when appropriate. If you are being complimented on a group effort be sure to point out the contributions of others. Respond with something such as, “We all put in a lot of effort; thank you for acknowledging our hard work.”

Do not feel compelled to return the favor. There is no need to offer a matching complement. Doing so may come across as insincere and is not the most effective way to accept praise.

Receiving compliments is a talent worth perfecting. Bottom-line is, to accept a compliment only requires a smile and a “Thank you.”








Present Day


As published in Azalea Magazine  Winter 2016

It’s that time again. Holiday season is officially underway, which means the hunt for the perfect present has begun. It’s a cliché, but as you flock to the stores searching for the perfect gifts for friends and family members, keep in mind that gift giving is ultimately about the spirit or thought behind the present.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for gift giving this holiday season:


Make a list.  Give presents to the people you want to show your appreciation to such as family and close friends.

Put thought into gifts. The biggest mistake people make when approaching holiday gifts is to buy what they would like, rather than what the recipient would like. Take time to really think about the gift recipient’s personal interests, needs, wants, likes and dislikes.

Consider presentation. The best way to present a gift is always beautifully wrapped and in person.


Spend above your means. Gift giving is about being thoughtful and showing appreciation, it’s not about going into debt.

Leave the price tag on. It is not appropriate to show how much you spent on an item.

Expect anything in return. Giving is not an opportunity for quid pro quo. If the person reciprocates, that’s wonderful. However, if the giving is one-sided, be happy that you were the one doing the giving. After all, it is better to give than to receive, right?

While December is the biggest gift-giving month, there are endless reasons to give gifts throughout the year. The purpose of giving gifts is to bring joy to both the giver and receiver, promote goodwill, and make for a closer relationship. As we count down the days until Christmas, as with any gift giving occasion, just remember it truly is the thought that counts.


Flight Etiquette: How to behave at 35,000 feet

6833689914_b211fa3d5bAs published in Azalea Magazine Fall 2016

Will you soon be traveling for business or pleasure? Remember to pack your best travel manners. Here is a simple code of in-flight conduct:


There are no wardrobe requirements to fly, but minimal jewelry, and shoes that you don’t have to lace, buckle or tie are both helpful with security checkpoints. And while I can certainly understand wanting to be comfortable, be mindful that you are not attending a pajama party or gym class.


You must wait your turn when boarding at the gate- only board in your zone/group/row. Have your ticket ready. Get out of the aisle as quickly as possible once luggage is stowed.


Stow your suitcase in the overhead bin closest to your seat. If you have two carry-on bags, keep the smaller one at your feet.


Middle seat passengers get the right to both armrests. Always. Those to his right would get their right armrest, and those to his left would get their left.


Airline seats recline to allow passengers to sleep and relax, but it may cause discomfort for the person behind you. If you intend to recline your seat, do it gently or better yet, turn around and make sure you don’t inconvenience the person behind you.


Do your best to minimize odors and noise. Use headphones to listen to music or movies, keep calls brief and conversations to a low volume. Avoid perfumes and foods with strong smells that may bother your neighbors.


At last! The plane touches down, the seat belt lights go off, and everyone jumps up. Rather than grab your luggage and make a run for the door, allow those in front of you to disembark first.

In general, be respectful of those around you, a little consideration can go a long way to make a flight as smooth as possible for both yourself and others.

Safe travels!