Bundle of Joy

img_5621-editWe are pleased to announce the arrival of our son

Thomas “Tennyson” Donehue

born September 22, 2016

8 pounds 13 ounces

20 inches long


Balloon Announcements – A DIY

While Wesley orchestrated our pregnancy announcement video for the world to see:

I enjoyed creating the hand-made small batch announcements that we sent to close friends and family. It completely slipped my mind to blog about these until I was pasting one into Tennyson’s baby book yesterday. These announcements were fun and easy to create. They would make for great save the dates, party invitations or everyday happy mail! Wanted to share…





Chip Clip

Craft Knife



Sharpie Oil Paint Pens




Print out your backing on card stock.

Using a craft knife, pierce holes in the card stock for twine to run through.

Carefully thread the twine through the punched holes.

Blow up your balloon, twist the end and clip with a chip clip.

Using the sharpie, write your message directly onto the balloon. Make certain your writing is dry before you deflate

Deflate the balloon.

Now simply tie the balloon onto your cardstock.

Not into the Sharpie idea? You can still use complete the project with custom printed balloons!