Egg Hunt

“Easter is coming, Spring is on its way, Hens getting ready, For eggs to lay. Flowers all growing, Bright and tall, Little lambs born, Fluffy and small. A time for hope, And a time for prayer, New beginnings, And warmer air. The Easter bunny, And chocolate treats, Egg rolling, hunts, And lots of sweets!” -Author unknown

As you can tell, my blogging has lagged behind, but I didn’t want the season to slip away without recounting our favorite spring festivity…

Easter has always ranked amongst one of my favorite holidays. This year we were excited to host our very first egg hunt. Oh, the timeless tradition! What could be more darling than children donning their finest spring outfits, frolicking in the green grass to collect petite pastel treasures?

We extended the invitation to the festivities with simple DIY watercolor egg themed invitations.


Guests were encouraged to bring their baskets, and when all the guests had arrived, the Easter egg hunt began, with eggs scattered all over the front lawn for the children to collect.


To the delight of many of the children, (and to the dismay of others), the Easter bunny made an appearance!


Sweet treats in pastel colors were served as refreshment.


And bunny sack hop races were available for the older children.


Each child left with little resurrection themed surcee- cross sugar cookie, Jesus coloring book and hand-made crayon roll.  A fun time was had by all and we look forward to hosting again next year!

Happy Weekend

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.37.32 AM

Happy happy weekend everyone!

A recent Forbes article examines how those who strive for rejuvenating weekends are more successful. The article offers some tips for changing gears during the weekend.


It’s A…

IMG_5033I am catching up with blogging, so most of you know by now but…

When we found out Harlowe’s gender, we did not live close by family so this time around we were excited to have family over to announce the sex of our sweet baby #2. I staged pink and blue pastel cotton candies for guests to “take their pick” guessing the gender. We made a large cardboard box full of gender colored balloons and released them to announce that our baby BOY, Thomas “Tennyson” Donehue is due September 23.

And the monogramming begins…


Eating Escargot

imageWhen in Rome (or France…) eat escargot!
Snails are an absolutely delicious delicacy. But how to eat them?
Escargot is served in a snail dish with snail tongs and a slender two pronged snail fork.

Do Not:
Eat directly from the snail
Use your hands

Keep the tongs in your non dominant hand
Use the tongs to grip and hold the shell in place
With your dominant hand use the snail fork
Pull out the meat
Put the entire snail in your mouth

You will see escargot listed in menus as an appetizer, served 6 or 12 at a time.
When in France — or a French restaurant anywhere — remember these tips and give escargot a try!