made me smile

Have you seen these adorable Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers? Love the concept- cheery colors  all in the name of charity. Inspiration for a birthday party, baby shower, ladies luncheon, or tea.  The pink and green possibilities are endless.

peeping toes

The topic du jour? The open-toe shoe and whether women professionals should be wearing them.


There are many perspecitves on the issue, but first things first, consult your employee handbook. If there is a dress code, chances are that it addresses acceptable footwear. If it does- follow it to a T. If it does not- use discretion.


In an interview or strictly formal business meeting/setting only covered toe shoes are considered proper. If you work in a conservative environment, for example a law office or bank,  best keep those toes covered. In some workplaces, closed toe shoes might just be a a safety measure. In others,  a sanitation regulation. Again, use discretion.


Some years ago any shoe with an open toe would be considered unacceptable in the office. But times are changing, business etiquette workshops are now teaching that some open-toe shoes are alright for everyday business wear.


But let’s distinguish between open-toe shoes that are appropriate and those that are not.


Avoid wearing any thong, flip flop, or slip on styled shoes. They are just too casual for a work environment. They clearly communicate leisure time. Ultra strappy, spike-heel evening styles are not appropriate for the workplace either.


The most professional open-toe shoe has a closed heel and does not reveal much of the toes. Basically, it is a classic pump with an open toe. Clearly, this style comes closer to embodying professionalism than sandals do.


Final note, if you do chose to wear open toe shoes at work, be sure to keep your toes well manicured.


couple correspondence


When writing the name of a married couple remember that a man should never be separated from his surname (last name). This also is true when writing Mr. and Mrs.

For example: Jane Smith who is married to John Smith should be written informally as, “Jane and John Smith”. It should never be written as “John and Jane Smith”. You could also write this formally as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.

napkin etiquette


Let’s talk napkins.

When given a napkin, use it. Don’t let it sit beside your plate. It is to be used for dabbing your mouth – frequently, and to protect your lap from spills.

Be it cloth or paper, your napkin goes in your lap as soon as you sit down.

Do not shake the napkin to open it. Unfold it discreetly under the table.

Fold large napkins in half and place the fold towards your body.

Dab the corners of your mouth with your napkin-don’t wipe your mouth!

Your napkin is not to be used as a handkerchief or to blot lipstick.

If you need to leave the table during a meal, place your napkin on the seat of the chair and push your chair under the table. A napkin does not go back on the table until the end of the meal – ever.

At the end of the meal, place your napkin loosely on the table, to the left of the plate. Do not refold the napkin, or put it on your plate. If napkin rings were used, return the napkin to the napkin ring, with the point facing the center of the table, to the left of the plate.