easter craft: baby bunny silhouette

It’s not too late for this quick and easy Easter craft.
First, I took a profile photo of sweet little Audrey and printed it on regular paper.

Next I traced the profile with a sharpie and carefully cut it out. On a separate paper I drew and cut out a pair of bunny ears- and taped them to the cut out silhouette. I then glued it to a sheet of black paper.

After the glue fully dried, I cut around the silhouette, and voila!  I glued mine on white cardstock and put it in a simple black wooden frame.

I glued a special Easter message on the back.







happy mail: easter eggs

There is something I just love about bright plastic Easter eggs. I was totally inspired by this cute idea from Giverslog . Who would have thought that you can pop traditional plastic Easter eggs in the mail? What a great idea for sending a little Easter cheer to friends and family. So…

I picked up a pack of jumbo eggs at the drug store.

Packed them full of little gifts.

Wrapped them with happy tape. Stuck on a colorful label and a few stamps.

And dropped them in a big blue mailbox.


common courtesy at high altitude

Indeed, volumes have been written about proper protocol for weddings or which utensils to use at fancy dinners. But when it comes to dealing with airplane etiquette, there is little out there.

Delta Air Lines, however, is doing its part in raising awareness of behavior in the air with their animated series “Planeguage: The language of traveling by plane,”  a series of  humorous videos showing passengers confronted with delicate social situations.

My personal favorite is posted below for your viewing.