adjective seating cards

The next time you plan a dinner party, try this on for fun: place cards with adjectives that describe your friends in attendance.  Kate Spade recommends putting a spin on traditional seating cards. Who needs place cards marked with proper names when a well-aimed adjective will do? Write out cards with coy, funny, nosy, flirtatious, bachelor, cunning, and quiet. Let your guests select their own places at the table.

What adjective would best mark your seat?

{image: martha stewart weddings }


  1. says

    Mine would say hyper. Or maybe it would say techie. I doubt it would say calm or handsome.

    Here are some others:

    Michael Rentiers: Ladies Man

    Preston Grisham: Social Butterfly

    Jason Fry: Derailed

    Kristen Fry: Shady (as in Shady Umbrella)

    You: Smokin Hot

    Michael Stevens: No Sound (as in, he forgets to hook up the microphone)

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