carolina cup

Think southern fashion and horse racing… bringing the two together is a South Carolina tradition known as the Carolina Cup. The Cup is an annual horse race held in Camden, South Carolina-it’s our Kentucky Derby in the South. This year’s event did not disappoint. Beautiful sunshine, ladies in colorful sun dresses and wide brimmed hats, men in bowties, pastels and paisleys.

Here are some clips of our Carolina Cup 2010.

Might I suggest  marking your calendar for next years Cup- Saturday, March 26, 2011?

table talk: numbers game

Wondering where the utensils go? Count the letters in the words  “knife,” “spoon” and “fork”  to remember their placement.

The word “right” has five letters, as do the words “knife” and “spoon.” The word “fork” has four letters – just like the word “left.”

Knives and spoons are always on the right, forks on the left.